The View From The Glass

“The view from the glass is sparkling, Everything shines and stands out, The sound of joy echoes And the cries of help drown.   The view from the glass is fun, Where life flows like fluid, And where there is abundance of chaos. For in here, the night is always young.   The view from […]

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Half my life, I was adrift, Flowing like a feather in air, Following the wind, Riding the tide, Never stopping, never did I care.   But the winds changed every so often, Taking me places I didn’t want to go, Showing me sights of doom, Things I couldn’t ever un-see. I could turn, but I […]

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After Us

It was a regular thing for most couples; a planned date night every month. But for Sairose and Seth, it was what they waited for in the whole month. They would meet through the month, multiple times but wpuld wait and plan meticulously for that one night. It was all special; a new restaurant, someplace […]

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The Good Times

I want to confess. I have a terribly bad habit. You can say, it’s a vice. I do what a dear friend has coined as ‘a monthly review’ of my life. Well, it’s more like a weekly review. A review on my work, my free time, my relationships and worse – my happiness. Now, it […]

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My kind of love

My kind of love is a lot different from what you might want. But it is what you will get. It’s not the kind that you see in the movies or the kinds that you read in the books. It’s the kind that you create every day as you go along, making your own rules. […]

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