I have this memory from my childhood, of me fashioning a gun out of a handkerchief and playing make-believe shoot-out sessions at home. I would hide under the table and take out the bad guys, I would leap onto the sofa (a dirty and deep ravine) and rescue a child or woman in distress, I […]

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The Destroyer

She walked like an innocent dream, And her eyes spoke nothing but the truth, Yet everyplace she left behind was in pieces, All that was left behind was ruin.   Blood ties or bonds forged with love, In the end it didn’t matter, When she was done, There was nothing left behind.   She crossed […]

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A day ago, I was in a shit mood. Those who know me, know that its practically every other day. Nevertheless, I was driving home after work and I looked up to see the moon. The sky was rather clear except this one patchy cloud that happened to be right over the moon. Almost as […]

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The View From The Glass

“The view from the glass is sparkling, Everything shines and stands out, The sound of joy echoes And the cries of help drown.   The view from the glass is fun, Where life flows like fluid, And where there is abundance of chaos. For in here, the night is always young.   The view from […]

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Half my life, I was adrift, Flowing like a feather in air, Following the wind, Riding the tide, Never stopping, never did I care.   But the winds changed every so often, Taking me places I didn’t want to go, Showing me sights of doom, Things I couldn’t ever un-see. I could turn, but I […]

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