In the generation before ours, there was a great deal of importance given to ‘legacy’. People often built their lives early on mindful of the legacy they wished to leave behind. Some built businesses, others had a legacy of character and values. But almost always, there was something they would leave behind to be known […]

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It was 9.30 am. The regular hustle bustle seemingly a little slow today, on account of a festival. The train station almost never empty, seemed like an old picture that was fading away at its edges. Few people scattered around the platforms, some still sleeping under dirty sheets carrying someone’s past giving someone’s present basic […]

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Its Saturday night, And the sun’s going down. The keys of the piano, Long for your gentle touch. The guitars on the wall, Stand undeterred gathering dust. The sky takes on shades of purple, The October heat pauses to, Give the lace curtains a tremble. Our house on the hill, Sways silently, To the beat […]

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World Mental Health Day

The screech of the chalk end on the blackboard got Anvita back to reality, back to her microbiology lecture in college, back from a sheet of paper that had the portrait of faceless woman with hands sketched to the last detail. Turning the page on her diary, Anvita did a quick detailed diagram of the […]

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I’ve been fascinated with windows all my life. Just like most children, I wanted the window seat in every bus and unlike most children I never got tired of looking outside; looking at the cityscape pass me by or the country life that leaves us behind. I didn’t realize when my fascination with windows slowly […]

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The death of a story

I’ve spent the past few days, almost a month, looking at you die a slow death. It hurts me to see you like this. It hurts me to see I can’t do anything despite my best efforts. I still remember the day you were born. You were nothing but a string of thought in the […]

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Welcome Home – Part IV

Stepping into the dark home, Annika fumbled to turn on the light. She flicked the switch once, but the lights didn’t come on. She frantically flicked it on and off again, but the lights didn’t give the slightest buzz. Something about the house made it feel like it wasn’t hers. There was no wind in […]

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Welcome Home – Part III

“Damn it! I told Jay to get me the spare key!”, Annika cursed the moment she realized she had reached home before him. Sitting on the staircase outside her home, she called Jay. “Where are you? I’ve reached already! And I’m locked out. Thanks to you. I don’t know why you still haven’t gotten the […]

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Welcome Home – Part II

It was in the second week post Annika’s yes to Jay’s proposal that Jay gave her another big surprise. Guiding a blindfolded Annika through a lift and up a few stairs, Jay came to a sudden stop. Annika had by now run out of guesses. Is it a bachelorette party? Is it a pre-wedding gift? […]

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