After Us

It was a regular thing for most couples; a planned date night every month. But for Sairose and Seth, it was what they waited for in the whole month. They would meet through the month, multiple times but wpuld wait and plan meticulously for that one night. It was all special; a new restaurant, someplace […]

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The Good Times

I want to confess. I have a terribly bad habit. You can say, it’s a vice. I do what a dear friend has coined as ‘a monthly review’ of my life. Well, it’s more like a weekly review. A review on my work, my free time, my relationships and worse – my happiness. Now, it […]

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My kind of love

My kind of love is a lot different from what you might want. But it is what you will get. It’s not the kind that you see in the movies or the kinds that you read in the books. It’s the kind that you create every day as you go along, making your own rules. […]

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Shadowy Existence

It happened on one afternoon, when I was walking to a nearby restaurant with my friend, my friend walked ahead of me and got inside the restaurant and as I turned around to toss my hair behind my shoulder and take off my sunglasses, I noticed that I didn’t have a shadow. Needless to say, […]

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Monday 10:02 AM Misha was approaching the crossing on her regular drive to work. Thankfully she left 30 minutes early for work so she didn’t encounter any traffic and she could speed right past the spot. As she sped away she saw the rocks and the thick grass on the rocks in her rear view […]

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