Never Gone

Tears welled up, But he couldn’t cry. Crushed his soul, The pieces of which, didn’t lie. He screamed for help, But no one heeded his plea, He broke free, But was still trapped inside. She lost a son, And he felt the pain. For he lost his chance, To apologize and explain. Seeing his body, […]

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The “F” Word

Before your eyes pop out, let me clarify myself. I speak of the ‘F’ word that is far more impactful than any other word in your life. The ‘F’ word that is by far the worst abusive word you can use on anyone. And that word is – Failure. It’s been 2 and half months […]

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Our Time Is Now

It’s that time of the day, It’s that hour of the night. When the world as we know it, Shrinks away and steps aside. Your fingers trace my body, But your heart touches my soul. I try hard to resist, But I know I’m no longer my own. The touch of your lips, Your breath […]

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Nothing out of the Ordinary

This crossed my mind a couple of months ago for the first time, during a regular conversation. So I was talking to someone who had a rather peculiar problem, he said that a lot of his friends were comparing him to Jordan Belfort after they saw the Wolf of Wall Street. He asked me in […]

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The Final Goodbye

The walk down that lane, That fearful tread. That lovely face, I so dread. Seeing you makes my heart skip a beat; But loving you comes naturally. That shallow heart; the strong words, Run daggers deep within my soul. But now I see you look at me; And the empty eyes make me wanna flee. […]

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Stand Alone

Strangers in the crowd, Faces in the dark. I battle with myself, As the reality is stark. Familiar voices, I can hear; But there is silence all around. I strain for the one who is near, For that one loving sound. I feel a hundred eyes on me, But none have me in their sight. […]

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The Larger Circle

It was a regular Monday morning, for an unemployed person like me. Though for a change I had plans with my mum, as she was on leave. The only way to stay entertained on a day with mum home, is to take her out too! Just as I was about to put on a nice […]

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