Intersecting lines; Intersecting destinies.

Life is nothing but a few crisscross lines, whenever these lines intersect with another line, that particular dot generates a beautiful relationship. Two lives intersecting, two energies combining to become one, it is bound to create something beautiful. And that’s exactly what happened that hot summer day. I went out of my way to make sure I cross this line I have been chasing for a while. I wanted this dot in my line; I knew how special it was going to be. What I didn’t know was how hard it was going to be when it came to a point where I would be required to let go. I never even thought of it, I thought it would never happen. When my eyes met her beautiful brown eyes, I knew, this dot would never diminish, this bond would never lose its sheen. These moments are one of life’s miracles. Miracles He just throws onto your laps. And all we can do is engulf it with all our heart and soul. It’s as if I knew that very moment, that she was God’s gift to me. He wanted her to be my life and instantly like an individual being, my soul found a new meaning to life and found a new purpose to live. It was she who taught me, that what I thought was love for 22 years of my life, was actually just a lie. Love was what she felt for me, for my family, for the world, for the next stranger that walked on the road and looked at her. Her eyes could melt the coldest heart; they could spring life in the most barren lands of earth and they could love beyond the meaning of the word that we all use so casually. I have never seen something so beautiful, something so serene, and something so powerful.

In the six months that she has been with me, I have learnt things that 22 years of living in the world hasn’t taught me. Tragedies, realities, personal experiences, mistakes and all of it combined hasn’t been able to match the knowledge and wisdom that she would part with just one look. And mind you, her look was so impactful, it could bring joy in the worst times, and a tear on the happiest moments. She stood by me, despite her nature to wander, she loved only me despite her love for everyone else, and she comforted me despite her rush to be elsewhere.

Silence has never been so comforting, joy has never been so loud, and love has never been so strong. And today, I stand here looking at her again, as she quietly looks into my eyes. I know she is aware that I can’t be with her anymore. And that we are going to have to part ways and I also know that she will go away quietly. I know she won’t hate me, I know she won’t be angry. In fact as she leaves, she gently places her hand over mine and tells me that she loves me. Maybe that’s what is making me feel worse than ever. That despite me leaving her, she is only going to love me back. And that is yet another thing she has taught me.


I bend down to touch her face and kiss her forehead one more time and she reaches up to me and her wet nose touches mine. I smile as she licks the tear trickling down my cheek. I let out a laugh as she lunges forward to bite my nose. Maybe that’s why dogs will always be above us, humans. Because they see happiness in the darkest days, they see love where there is no other way. They can’t talk but what they say through their eyes is so powerful than we stand muted. As I stand today. All I can do is thank her for being a part of my life. And for the years to come, I know there will be many more people who would be touched by her pure soul and true heart, and would thank her fondly for lighting up their lives. Destiny planned our lines to cross; He planned for us to love each other.  And whatever happens, the dot always remains.


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