The Final Goodbye

The walk down that lane,

That fearful tread.

That lovely face, I so dread.

Seeing you makes my heart skip a beat;

But loving you comes naturally.

That shallow heart; the strong words,

Run daggers deep within my soul.

But now I see you look at me;

And the empty eyes make me wanna flee.

That warm hug and that loving caress;

Those are the things, I so dearly miss.

Just one smile, one touch of your hand;

Makes my day, I wish you’d understand.

I wish the world would just vanish;

Coz it is then that you would see;

See the truth in long forgotten words;

The words that bound you and me.

I love you, aren’t just words that I said.

They were feelings that I can’t express.

But, its okay is all I say now;

Because you need to move on and become a success.

Trust me; I want to do the same,

Walk away with a smile on my face.

But seeing you doesn’t help;

When I so need to forget.

Don’t you worry anymore though;

My face will be long lost.

From the people you call friends.

As the days begin to pass;

I will be just another trend.

As the doors close this time;

I will walk out again,

With my head held high.

Not once turning back,

Holding the memories real tight.

This is what I call,

The Final Goodbye.

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