Borrowed Smiles

Something I wrote almost a year ago, but felt like revisiting it today. Some times you forget important lessons that life teaches you and you need to go back to learn them again. So here is one lesson I learnt in the most amazing manner ever! Ever woke up with a bad mood? Ever woke […]

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The Domino Effect

Fallen down, real low, unable to surface with this blow; I lie in wait for what seems like, eternity; only a little late. Is this what it is? The purpose of a domino? I rise along with the rest, stand again, abreast. Only to be knocked down again, wondering what more to do? Is this […]

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Mirror mirror on the Wall

The broken walls, The empty faces; The crowd now gone, My lady paces. Braving the lonely wind, And smiling from within. She lets her mind sing, My lady’s many faces. I see her smile, And smile I will. Tears in my eyes, As her’s begin to fill. My lady and me, Will always be, Our […]

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