That time of the year…

2014 is coming to an end and like every other year; I can’t wait for this one to end. Like a child who looks forward to the summer vacations, I’m looking forward to the New Year because I have no clue what’s going to happen. And that’s as fun as it is scary!

When we were in school, our teachers used to ask us to write down what we learnt in the current year and what we expect from the next one. Like kids, we scribbled down all the lessons we learnt and some of the philosophical students (like me) would jot down some important life’s lessons as well. So after all these years of being out of school, for some reason I wanted to do the same about what I learnt from 2014 and what I expect from 2015. Here goes nothing!

Goodbye 2014:

  • In the start of the year I was buried with work, so much so that I was thinking of employing people to work with me, so that I could take on more work and have a life as well. However, the current scenario is that I’m absolutely jobless.

Lesson 1: Situations and luck change like seasons. And there is nothing you can do about it. Just go with it.

  • In the start of the year, I was this happy-go-lucky person, who had everything going for her. Friends, who I loved from the bottom of my heart. However, as the year is about to end, the same people I once called ‘mine’ are nowhere to be seen. Love turned to hate, Indifference crept in some places and friends turned to acquaintances.

Lesson 2: Like the world, people are always evolving, always changing. You may hate someone because they have changed, fact is; you are changing too. Don’t hold on to the reflection of what you/they were. Accept the new you/them or move on.

  • I started 2014, like the past couple of years; fixating on one particular thing. My life revolved around it. It was literally the center of the universe. And then one find day, it turned around and kicked me. It hurt a hell lot. Still does. But nevertheless, that kick was needed. And as I stand to welcome the next year, that ‘thing’ is still very important to me, only it’s not what I am. I don’t define myself with it.

Lesson 3: Never let your world be about something/someone else. Your life is yours alone. Some things/people will be less important, some a little more. But that shouldn’t ever define you. You should be the center of your universe.

  • All of us, take something for granted in our daily lives. We almost equate it to the rising and the setting of the sun. Something’s that (according to us) just cannot change. And when it changes, we are left flabbergasted. That’s precisely what happened.

Lesson 4: Everything can change. The sun rises and sets because we are on a planet that revolves around it. But science will tell you that this sun too is a ticking time bomb. And one day, it’s going to cease to exist, just like everything else. Point is, when something of this sort happens; take your time to deal with it. Life finds a way in the darkest of places. But it’s alright to cut you some slack and rejuvenate.

That’s a whole lot of things to grasp in one year, don’t you think? No wonder I can’t wait to start with 2015, which gets me to the next part.

Hello 2015!

Love More; Hate Less

For starters the one thing that I’d like to see less of in the next year is; hatred. Not just between others, even in myself. I don’t want to carry around the negativity. It’s like a poison; it’s only going to slowly consume you. I’d rather be consumed by love than hate. It’s easy to hate people. And it takes immense courage to love. But why take the easy route? I used to think that loving someone irrespective of what they feel for you, will eventually lead to them loving you back (blame it on all the books I read). But then that attitude changed. And now it’s back again. Because I’ve realized that loving only leads to your heart being happier. What it does to others, is not your business. Period.

That’s all I can expect of the next year. I’m sure; this seems like a much romanticized version of life. And practicality doesn’t accept it. But I think we as humans, have become extremely practical and far too functional. A little thing called love (and I don’t mean only romantic love!) is the need of the hour! It definitely won’t hurt.

And as far as other plans for the next year are concerned, I’m not making any. It’s great not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. Somehow there is faith, that whatever it’ll be, it’ll be good. And with that belief, I can happily say goodbye to 2014 and excitedly welcome 2015.


6 thoughts on “That time of the year…

  1. This is a good idea for a post rather than the typical ‘New year Resolutions’ ones!
    I think I’ll do something similar nearer the time, if I ever find a minute to actually get all the words i’ve to store in my head down on pen and paper haha


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