The Man

The eyes part to see the world, But instead they see your face. And in that moment they know, This is their world, this is their fate. The hands reach out to touch, The face they’ve heard so much of. But the prickly beard stands in way, Of the soft love that his eyes display. […]

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That Thing Called ‘Love’

Of broken hearts, and colourful confetti; Of loneliness, and love songs; Of drunken tears, and sparkling laughter; Of being lost in the moment, Or dreaming of the happily ever after. Of final goodbyes, and chance encounters; Of comfort food, and the Sunday brunch; Of tear stained clothes, and the lovely red dress; Of being in […]

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In Her Memory

The sex and the drugs, The greed and the lust; He got all he wanted, But she was a must. The picture was old, And fading away; But the memory was fresh, As if it was yesterday. She left without a word, And he didn’t have a say. He wonders now, He should’ve begged her […]

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The Last Walk… Once again.

Pitter Patter… Pitter Patter… The rain drops on the window at home, always made me sad. I hate the rains, such a gloomy weather. I turn to see my college-going son, watching some game on TV. TV doesn’t distract me either. Well, partly because a newly retired man can only about watch TV all the […]

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