The Man

The eyes part to see the world,

But instead they see your face.

And in that moment they know,

This is their world, this is their fate.

The hands reach out to touch,

The face they’ve heard so much of.

But the prickly beard stands in way,

Of the soft love that his eyes display.

With the passing of time,

And the onset of the aging days;

The distance may have widened,

But the tender love still finds its way.

Dear Dad, it’s your birthday today,

A milestone, everyone says;

But I’m still there, when you held me;

The first time on my very first day.

That day I met ‘The Man’,

Who defined the word for me,

He held my hand and gave me wings,

Gave me life amongst all great things.

As your daughter I wish to say;

A few things that sum my life, if I may;

Thank you for every little thing;

I love you and the crazy team we make.


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