Accept the ‘Unaccepted’

I write this post after having done my duties. I have ‘liked’ some pictures, I have ‘commented’ on some other posts and I have done the basic courtesy calls and texts. These things have become my daily chores. Not too long ago I wrote a post on the same thing (Read: Disconnect only to connect again), so I promise I won’t crib about the same things again. The world has loads to offer and with that I always have new things to crib about.

So on a regular Sunday; I was having a regular discussion with a friend when I was reminded for the nth time that I hadn’t dropped in a message to someone else. I told my friend categorically that I have other ways of keeping in touch and that my ways and methods don’t have to match yours. And that doesn’t mean that they are wrong. My friend seemed scandalized. She said, ‘there are two types of people in this world. The social kinds, who are present all the time, parties, functions, get-togethers, con-calls, social media etc. They make their presence felt to everyone and make sure that they are remembered. The second type is the anti-social kids. They are never present, they hate socializing (well, obviously!) and they slowly slip into limbo, because no one cares for them and they don’t care for anyone.’ She then looks at me as if I were to pitch in and clarify, which of course I didn’t. Giving up on me (As if she already hadn’t), she said, ‘Natasha, you are tipping towards the anti-social types. And I won’t allow it, you’re my friend and hence I’m trying to help you out.’ That’s when I actually had something that could add to the conversation. And that’s when I realized that this is exactly what our world thinks of people like me, the so-called ‘anti-social’ types.

Firstly, the concept of anti-social beings is flawed. By being anti-social, it by no stretch of imagination means that I don’t care about anybody. It just means that I show my care and concern in a different manner. Why is it that being outspoken and strong headed are considered as negative qualities. Why it is that being quiet and reserved are also considered as negative qualities? Who decides who is right? Social and anti-social? Our society has been slotting all of us into different categories, right since we were born. Now there are those kinds of people who care for these categories and there are those who don’t. There you go! I categorized you too! This world has a large population. And every day we are only adding to that number. Hence there are umpteen numbers of categories that we can slot ourselves into. But when will we finally accept that every single one of us is different? And in being different also, we are all together.

Yes, I’m weird. I hate courtesy calls, I hate dropping texts to make sure people remember me. I hate being bothered about who remembers me and who forgets me. Having said that, I need to clarify that I don’t have a stone in place of my heart, I do care for people. There are people that I love and I will tell them that openly. I call people because I want to, not because I have to. I too feel bad about things being said about me, I too hurt and I too can break. Just because I’m anti-social (or whatever it is that you want to call me) doesn’t mean that I’m a walking ghost who feels nothing. I just have different ways to express. I’m here for a short while and I want to live that time doing whatever I want (even if it is something I haven’t figured out yet). What we all need to do is realize that love is the very core of all of our hearts. And to love someone means to accept them however they are. They may be someone that is an absolute contrast to you, they maybe something that pisses you off, they maybe a replica of you. But if you love them, you love all of them. Not just the parts that you like. And if you think believing in that is weird and strange, there you have it. Your answer to all your questions, I’m weird. Deal with it. Just like I’m dealing with you!

Like Einstein said, “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

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