Ghost of Me

I can’t shake her off, I can’t keep her with me, I can’t live the way she wants; I can’t be the ghost of me. She’d lie and she’d cheat, She wouldn’t hide like me, She’d do what makes her happy; She’ll pay the price it needs. She’s straight as an arrow, And twisted like […]

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Locked Away

He ran as fast as he could, as far as his legs could take him. At 5 in the morning, the streets of Amsterdam were scattered with few people far in between. But Amsterdam was not new to the out-of-ordinary. Every now and then something didn’t fit in the routine, something stood out. The people […]

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You draw a circle around you; Or build a wall sky high; But your soul speaks to me, And whispers you heart’s lullaby. You strive to keep a distance; Or let your layers misguide; But your heart calls out to me, And whispers your innermost desires. You try to hide behind faces; Or run away […]

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