You draw a circle around you;

Or build a wall sky high;

But your soul speaks to me,

And whispers you heart’s lullaby.

You strive to keep a distance;

Or let your layers misguide;

But your heart calls out to me,

And whispers your innermost desires.

You try to hide behind faces;

Or run away to a far-off place;

But your mind finds its way back to me,

And whispers the truth, you try to deny.

Your running is in vain;

And the hiding is futile;

For you’ll come back to me,

Whispering your love, every time.


2 thoughts on “Whispers

  1. Its beautiful, the longing and the journey of love beautifully flow into your heart. the transcends all boundaries and goes back to the truth that is love. Its a beautiful way to tell someone the way he speaks to you without words. Beautifully written words. You are an amazing writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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