Nothing to Lose

She flies high, above the world;

Keeping it in her sights,

Feeling the breeze and,

Living the happy life.

But the world below doesn’t like it,

They have their eye on her freedom.

And her flight, ceases to exist.

Stripped of her feathers,

She flaps her wings,

Still trying to fly,

Still believing one day she will.

But the world is not happy,

And the world wants to take more.

And her belief staggers no more.

With no more wings,

And no hope of flying.

She walks amongst the others,

Still living, and still trying.

But the world is not done,

And they take away her feet.

Leaving her broken from within.

The last thing taken away from her,

She finds a humble corner,

She chirps to herself,

“They can take away everything

but then there’ll be nothing else”.


2 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose

  1. This is very powerful and heart wrenching at the same time. the way it is written displays raw emotion and somehow brings out my own fear of being crippled by the world and people around me. Its a great poetry. You deserve a pat on your back, keep writing 🙂


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