The Proposal

The romance lasted for months on end. He’d look at her from far away, afraid she wouldn’t feel the same way. She’d pass him by every now and then, stealing glances as her heart would skip a beat. He looked strong and resolute but she was unsure of their future. Could a relationship of this […]

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Sand Castles

“I promise to make you laugh every day for the rest of our lives” “I promise I’ll put you ahead of myself and my problems” “I promise I’ll treat you like a princess with a castle up in the heavens” “I promise to love and cherish you till the end of time” “I promise…” “I […]

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True Love

The sun was shining through her stain glass window that she made with her own hands. She loved the patterns it created on her floor. And today they were perfect. The sun was glinting like gold and she could hear the birds chirp in harmony. This was the perfect day, for her high school prom. […]

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