True Love

The sun was shining through her stain glass window that she made with her own hands. She loved the patterns it created on her floor. And today they were perfect. The sun was glinting like gold and she could hear the birds chirp in harmony. This was the perfect day, for her high school prom.

The doorbell sounds and Anna’s heart skips a beat. The front door has never been answered so fast in her home. And she couldn’t possibly make it downstairs as quickly. She knew today was a day of possibilities and miracles. She turned into the living room to see him standing there, in all his glory. A navy blue tux that matched her eyes and a small gift box in hand, Jamie looked handsome and ethereal. But the part that Anna was interested in was his smile. That was stretched to the seams today.

He walked up to her and presented to her the box which contained the most beautiful corsage she had ever seen. She could instantly tell with the way it was made, that he had hand-picked the flowers and sewed them together, hastily. The flowers weren’t exquisite, the corsage itself was sloppy in its make, but it had Jamie written all over it. She beamed as he put it on her wrist. He looked at her expectantly and she said, ‘I’m sorry Jamie, I couldn’t get you a boutonniere.’ Anna searched for disappointment in his eyes, but all she could find was herself. And she was taken in by the depth of his love.

She looked down at her hands to admire the corsage. And he knelt down beside her and said, ‘your surprises aren’t over yet.’ Anna felt her heart flutter like the wings of a bee. She has never been pampered like this, and she couldn’t help feel like a kid going to a candy shop. Embarrassed by her own childishness, she tried behaving more lady-like as he took her outside.

Looking at it, Anna was stunned. She almost had a black out. The entire pretence was gone. Jamie announced proudly, ‘A new set of wheels. Must-have graduation gift!’ Anna looked at her old, worn-out wheel chair as Jamie carried her and sat her down in the new one. Anna was over-whelmed. With no words reaching her mouth, she shut her eyes to stop the tears from running out. She tugged at Jamie’s hand and said, ‘Thank you. It’s a very big gift and my big day has been made all the more special.’

Jamie winked a ‘thank you’ to her and proudly pinned the daffodil she plucked for him, just then. He leaned towards her and said, ‘Thank you for the little things Anna… thank you for being in my life little sis’.

And he held her hand tightly as he wheeled her away from home, like he did on her first day to school. Love stories like these weren’t written any more.


7 thoughts on “True Love

  1. So true…love stories like these weren’t written at all… but they exist, they do… in the heart of hearts…sometimes there are no wheels, but there are bonds… strong ones, stronger ones. One that neither the sister nor could the brother ever break even if they tried hard… Love stories, like these!


    1. I know right? Love comes in all forms and sometimes in the rush to chase a romantic love story, we tend to over-look the love we share with others; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and even dogs! These are the real love stories.


    1. I’m so glad you liked it Ken. I went through the Treloar website, and I’m extremely intrigued. For a very long time I have nursed the feeling of working in this field. I’d like to know more about this, probably you could guide me on how to start a career in this area. Considering all that experience you have, I don’t have to look further. 🙂 Let’s discuss on mail!


  2. This is so well written Natasha. I believe true love is naive and helpless, you cant contour it or distort it, yet we end up trying to mould it into perspectives that fit ours. Love is free flowing and beautiful just like water. The innocence of the siblings and the way they look out for each other is just what makes us human. A little masterpiece i must say.


    1. Thank you Salesh. I’m glad you liked it. I think love is a very raw feeling and the best way to deal with it is to just feel it. The more we try to analyse it, the more distorted it becomes. The very essence of love is to just let it be and take in all that it has to offer. Like we often do with our siblings. Maybe because its a blood relationship, we tend to keep it simple, since its a given that we’d love each other. If only we could use that same logic everywhere. Life is meant to be simple, isn’t it?

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