The Shadow

The shadow that lurks over me, Sometimes over, sometimes under me, Touches my body and owns my soul, Makes me shudder as he swallows me whole. He keeps an eye everywhere I go, Invading my space damaging my core. He has no heart, he feels nothing, But he satisfies his inner being. He clasps my […]

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Sands of Time

Like tiny beads of life, Passing through the stream; Time will pass us by, The hourglass tells us its dream. Moments and memories alike, Fall through the crack, it says; Into a pile of wasted time, That made up most of your days. One by one, the sands of time, Swim to reach the tail […]

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The Happy Ending

“8PM Tonight. Just you and me.” The handwritten note on the beautifully wrapped package made her smile. Not because of the gesture, not because of the excitement of the gift but because of his crazy incomprehensible handwriting. “You are the only one who understands what I write… its almost poetic isn’t it? Like our story?”, […]

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