The Shadow

The shadow that lurks over me,

Sometimes over, sometimes under me,

Touches my body and owns my soul,

Makes me shudder as he swallows me whole.

He keeps an eye everywhere I go,

Invading my space damaging my core.

He has no heart, he feels nothing,

But he satisfies his inner being.

He clasps my mouth and shuts my eyes,

He makes me fear my own mind.

He shackles me in his time,

I start to question if the rest is mine.

Every night, in darkness I scream,

The shadow is closer, all around me.

Another night of fearful dreams,

Of fearless lies and deceit.

The shadow that lurks over me,

Thriving at all times it may seem,

The shadow stares back at me;

Threatening that he won’t let me be.


4 thoughts on “The Shadow

  1. Its really beautiful, dark and somewhere reminds me of my inner demons. But somewhere its also open to interpretation, like the resistance of your spirit to be controlled by someone else. Do let me know what went behind it. Amazing one !!!! Very impressive.


    1. Well, that’s the beauty of writing like this. Like art, you may make something else out of it.
      To explain my thought while writing this, I’d have to ask you to imagine being a woman. A woman who is constantly being watched by men wherever she goes. A woman who is visually assaulted in public and one who doesn’t even feel safe from the men at home. A woman becomes so accustomed to these men that they somewhat become her own shadow, one that she can’t get rid of and one that she’s struggling to live with.


  2. An awesome piece Natasha. Could connect the words to many of a woman’s unspoken emotions. A thought that sends out shivers such eloquently put down in words. Amazing. Truly Amazing!!!


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