The Mistress

Within big brown and teary eyes, There are untold stories, truth and lies. A beautiful chest, swollen with pride; Houses a warm heart soaring like a kite.   Long soft hands, holding life tight; Hide dreams and destiny, in crossed lines. Strong feet on the ground, walk fast; In troubled times and joy alike.   […]

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In My Grave

I’m cold, dark and dirty. But I know no one can see me. Taking time to straighten out, Pretty up for the world around.   Pretend I will, for the world’s sake, Show some love to hide my hate. Laugh like the rest, maybe more. Live like the books taught us how.   Soon I […]

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The 9:11 AM, ladies special local train was running a little late. And as expected, it was fully packed. But Joan had already saved her seat. Soon after sitting down at the window (a privilege!), Joan took out her headphones and tried to concentrate on the book she was handed at a mall. They were […]

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