Who Am I?

Where am I? I may ask.

What do I do? I may feel.

But why is that one question;

Refusing to leave my mind?

Who am I?

Who is to say?


Is it the creator of the world?

The all-knowing God?

The entity creating entities?

Or the heavens far above?

Who makes me, me?

Who makes my Godforsaken destiny?


In search of the answers,

I live in moments of this life,

To only find that answer,

Was always within me.

Within the words I speak,

And the ink with which I write.


I’m me; with nooks and crannies;

Of things I myself may not like.

I’m me, with colors of spring;

And the dark shades of a stormy sky.

I’m me; I’m the one you see;

And the hidden person inside.


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