What is this hurry to conquer? To climb all the mountains, And to dive in the deep seas, To check everything off a list of dreams?   What is the need to conquer? The lovelorn heavy hearts, And broken wings of mid-air fights, The egos and tempers of people you don’t even like?   […]

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The Ruins

“He looked into my eyes with a million things to say, He held them back just like I tried to keep the tears away, He took my hand in his, holding tenderly the love we shared. And smiled as he promised he would always stay.”   5 years later, after I’ve returned from my trip […]

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It’s A Man’s World

He closed his eyes to the truth around, And braced himself for the piercing sound. His screaming soul and aching mind, His helplessness taking over his pride.   Each day he brings his mind to a new task, But on failing he reaches his last resort. Drinking over the sadness and melancholy, Drowning the sounds […]

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Where Life Takes You Part V

Looking at the old house at the far end of the city with floral curtains blowing in the breeze, something told Jacob that this was the right address. This is where the woman with the pink chipped nails would be living. He waited below looking at the half open window. But he didn’t know what […]

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