It’s A Man’s World

He closed his eyes to the truth around,

And braced himself for the piercing sound.

His screaming soul and aching mind,

His helplessness taking over his pride.


Each day he brings his mind to a new task,

But on failing he reaches his last resort.

Drinking over the sadness and melancholy,

Drowning the sounds of loss and contempt.


But when the world comes asking for him,

He puts on a his winning smile.

Because in a man’s world,

Men can only conquer, they cannot cry.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Man’s World

  1. I liked your poem. But one thing I disagree is , its just a mentality or ego I can say that people say man can’t cry . only real man cries . yes they don’t cry much but they do . crying makes a person more strong .


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