The Journey

Alisha left her home, her safe house behind, in the search of a new place she could build as her own, a place she made with her own hands. She was a little crazy like that. She always liked to build things. Like the first time she laid brick on brick and built a small room in her backyard. It was raw and had a leaking ceiling but she knew it was made by her own hands and that gave her unparalleled joy. And then on crazier days she’d run away from home for a solo trip to the mountains, in hopes of encountering an experience that would change her life. And most often than not, she would find it.

But today was different. She packed her bags and left knowing she wasn’t going to return. This was it. She was leaving the nest. With no plans and no ideas, she just had to leave, because she knew the time is right.

“What are you doing? This is way too risky! We should go back right now?” said her friend Trish.

“Come on… the world beckons! We can go paint the town red… or yellow, since you like it so much.” said her friend Gary.

“Hey! Travel can happen always… but first let’s raise a toast for this amazing moment” said the forever thirsty Matt.

“Guys! Please! I’m on the path to self-revelation and all you’ll are bothered about is drinking and Trish – being risky is better that be plain Jane. You know I can’t do that very well. I’ve always taken risks. Like the last time I ran off to the beach, remember? It was just us, singing songs and sleeping to the noise of the waves under the starry sky. It was beautiful!” she told them.

Her friends smiled, it was a special night for sure. It was the time she ran away from home because her results were out. Her scores were great, but the adventure was far more important to her and she knew she could get away with the excuse of being under pressure.

Trish smiled thinking of that night and said, “But you know what happened when you got drunk on the beach? You could have drowned if it wasn’t for me.”

Matt couldn’t control his laughter and he blurted out, “it’s better to die living an adventure than live till you’re 90 and die strapped to a hospital bed! I say, we do it again. This time let’s do something even crazier. Let’s push our boundaries and let’s chase that butterfly. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a chance to fly off into the night just like her”.

Alisha smiled at the thought. She loved butterflies. Not for their colours or their wings but because of the fact that they’d fly over everything and they’d do it all in 24 hours. After that they’d cross over the other side of the rainbow. Just like how she wanted her life to be. Fly over the world and land on only what was necessary. Not stay forever but fly off to the next thing life had to offer.

Alisha looks at the road ahead, in the darkness it looks a little scary but it has the alluring charm of the midnight sky. She turns behind to look at her home. She smiles at herself and writes the closing line of her letter to her parents – I’m sorry that I’m not apologetic about what I’m doing. Because when I’m alone, I don’t have to silence the voices in my head and I can talk to them. And oh the stories they tell!




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