To the part of me I don’t like

To my other side;


I hate that you can’t stand up for yourself when you can speak up for others who don’t have a voice.

I hate that you let things go when you preach exactly the opposite.

I hate that you see only the nice side of people and when faced with the other side of them you don’t know what to do.

I hate that there are times that you just want to find a corner, curl up and cry. But you’ve hardened yourself up so much that you can’t let that tear fall out.

I hate that you can talk about the most uncomfortable and awkward things but when it comes to asking for what you want you can’t find the right words.

I hate that you get attached to people just like that but without any warning you change, and you become detached and cold to the ones you love and eventually end up pushing them away.

I hate that you can’t control your face and that your displeasure is there for the world to see while on any other occasion you can pucker up a smile for people you absolutely detest.

There is no logic there is no science to this. You just need to learn. You need to adapt. There are parts of me that are nice or maybe even bad but these are the parts that I can live with. This side of me I don’t like. This part of me is discomforting and I would like for us to fix it. But with the part of me that’s nice, I don’t know how.

I love that we have two parts, a little bad and a little good. But I need for you to get on my good side. Because with too much of bad, I’m feeling a little lost and I’m not able to cope with it.

I love that you will want to write. But there are times when you need to talk and writing at these times won’t help. Maybe that’s what this is; a post that was meant to be a conversation.






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