The Devil and The Deep Sea

When his eyes opened, he struggled to see what was around him. After a while of adjusting his eyes to the light he saw he was in the midst of a thick forest. And he was running. He was running out of breath but he couldn’t stop. He was running, bumping his head against branches and tripping over stones, he scraped his knee but he didn’t let the trail of blood make him slow. He stopped for a moment because he didn’t know what he was running away from. He strained his ears to listen to what or whomever he was running away from. But all he heard was the sounds of the forest. But just as he sat down to rest for a bit he heard the sound of a breaking twig. The trees began to ruffle, as if it were the wind.

It could be the wind, he thought.

But with the rising sound of his own heartbeat he couldn’t trust his own words. He started to run again. But where to? How is he going to get out of here? Who was he? What was he so afraid of? Who was chasing him? What would happen if they caught up? He didn’t have the time to answer these questions. He just knew that he had to run, his life depended on it.

In the distance he saw a slight opening. The sun shone bright right there. It looked safe. Finally finding what he was looking for (or something like it), he found renewed energy and he ran with much more vigor. Just a little more and he’ll be safe. He ran into the sunlight and in exhilaration he crashed into the ground. He beamed with pride!

I made it! He exclaimed.

He opened his eyes and looked at the sun and then looked down to see that it was the end of a cliff. He walked onto the edge to see a rough sea raging on below. His face fell. What would he do now? He cursed his luck and fell to ground, defeated. The noise behind him in the forest was growing louder. It was on to him and any moment now, he’ll be caught. That’s it, he’ll be dead. He looks over the cliff again and realizes that the drop itself would kill him. But it was better that being caught by that ‘thing’. He shuts his eyes tightly and dives into the sea.

His eyes open on impact. He’s soaking wet and his heart beat is like the Conga drums! Almost choking, he falls off the side of his bed and realizes it was all a dream. He takes moment to calm himself down and looks at his clock. It’s 5 AM and he slowly sits up on the bed. He hears the voice of his parents fighting and hurling abuses at each other. He hears a crashing sound followed by a silent cry. He falls back into bed trying to sleep. At least it’s better to be stuck between the devil and the deep sea.


2 thoughts on “The Devil and The Deep Sea

  1. This is a brilliant piece of writing. The flow of words make up landscapes in your head and it makesmy y fears come alive. I am waiting to read your book when it gets published !

    Liked by 1 person

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