Forget It

Ever heard what the society is telling you?

What the world is slowly whispering into your ears when you sleep?

Forget it.

The media that shows you the truth but is selling the lie?

Forget it.

The countries that are at war but talk about peace?

Forget it.

The children that die every day but dream about freedom?

Forget it.

The hospitals that speak about treatment but only care about payment?

Forget it.

The writers that write about the spirit but are poisoning their soul?

Forget it.

The YOLO generation buying their guns?

Forget it.

The constant need for gratification in hope for some vindication?

Forget it.

Burgeoning mental issues never tarnishing the shiny surface?

Forget it.

Simmering rage hidden under the guise of chivalry?

Forget it.

Depressing heartbreak making way for cunning revenge?

Forget it.

Seeing the truth but believing the lie?

See what the world is telling you.

See what you’re chanting to yourself.

Well… forget it.


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