Sometimes the toughest thing to do is carry on. You don’t need to have the weight of the world on your shoulders to feel this way. It can just be that your legs refuse to take a step. It’s the worst feeling knowing that there is nothing stopping you from moving forward, yet you can’t seem to move. You’re frozen. You can see time passing, you can see people walk by you, you can see the world changing every second, but you just stand there watching. It’s frustrating and it makes you want to hate yourself it gives you cramps in your stomach. Suddenly you feel you will collapse and you start to wish that you do, because at least then you would be doing something. But nothing happens. Your body doesn’t give up on you and your mind refuses to let you free. You feel burdened but you can’t talk to someone and let it out because you’re afraid to let them see you weak. But standing there, pretending everything is okay is not making you any stronger. Every second feels like an eternity. You start to talk yourself out of it, give your brain auto commands:

Come on! Move! Do something.

It’s okay. It’s a dull day, tomorrow will be better.

Who are you kidding? You know it’s going to be the same tomorrow.

You are capable of so much, if only you act.

Don’t be lazy, just get up and start. The first step is the hardest.

You could be living the good life, if only you try.

You have a life everyone envies, what are you cribbing about?

STOP! Just stop it! Stop thinking!

But the mind won’t stop. It can’t. No matter what you try, you know your mind is racing and pulling you in 10 different directions. You are a slave to your own mind. Your body is merely a victim of abuse and the mind is playing anarchism.

Want to carry on? Surrender.

Seems uninspiring? Try living it.

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