After Us

It was a regular thing for most couples; a planned date night every month. But for Sairose and Seth, it was what they waited for in the whole month. They would meet through the month, multiple times but wpuld wait and plan meticulously for that one night. It was all special; a new restaurant, someplace they had never been to; a little more than normal dressing up and a night where they wouldn’t discuss anything that bothered them. A night filled with sweet chocolates and sweet nothings.

This date night, was also successful, like the others they had before. Seth dropped her back home and drove out of her society’s driveway. The night was over. Or was it? Seth on his way back home stopped over at a roadside stall serving terribly oily and unhealthy Chinese food. They had been to a very expensive place for dinner, serving some really delicious gourmet food. Sairose had picked the cheese platter to go with the wine and he had picked a Mediterranean spread for the main course. It was a scrumptious meal. But after dropping her back home, he felt his stomach grumble. So, he headed straight for the nearest food stall. Somewhere through the second plate of momos, he took a breath and thought of what a great night it had been. He flipped through his Insta feed and tagged the restaurant they had been too. With his mouth full of spicy sauce, he texted Sairose – Tonight, was perfect. Good night baby. I love you so much. So so so much. He meant it. He had a huge smile of his face, and he felt this feeling of contentment.

Back home, Sairose looked at the text she received and she beamed from ear to ear. She instantly sent him a hundred kiss smileys – I love you sooooooo much. They were a little away from getting married, this wasn’t a silly love story. But it had its silliness and it was important to have that in there. They valued it, understood it and embraced it. She put her phone away and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She bent over the wash basin and started furiously washing the make-up off her face. When she did look up, she looked tired and just a shadow of what she was an hour back. But she still looked happy. She slid out of her dress and there she was standing in old granny undies with a bra that held her well, but looked like it had been through a storm. Just as easily as she undressed, she slipped on an old nightgown that was coming undone at the hemline, but it was her favourite and it was so oh-so-comfortable. She threw herself onto her bed and let out a huge sigh. Flipping through her gallery on her phone she saw a picture of the two of them. They looked beautiful together. People have always been jealous of them, what a handsome couple they would say. She dragged herself out of her bed and moved to the kitchen and grabbed a banana off the bowl. Digging into it, she texted him again – goodnight baby, i’m going to sleep. And tossed her phone into a pile of clothes.

She pulled out her laptop, started playing heavy metal songs and started to sketch on a sketch book.

The night did end rather perfectly, he was back home, sleeping peacefully while she was feeling at home with her heavy metal music and a blank canvas. Love wasn’t all about being together, it was about being good together and good while away.


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