Half my life, I was adrift,

Flowing like a feather in air,

Following the wind,

Riding the tide,

Never stopping, never did I care.


But the winds changed every so often,

Taking me places I didn’t want to go,

Showing me sights of doom,

Things I couldn’t ever un-see.

I could turn, but I chose to stay.


Suddenly the wind stopped,

Dropping me to the ground,

Far away from home,

I lay wondering if I could walk,

Where would I go, when I had to decide?


Lying there on the salty panes of desertion,

I decided to tread down a path I didn’t know existed.

It was then that I first found gravity,

The joy of surety and the anticipation of what lies ahead.

It was there that I found you, my love.

The reason why I was left drifting alone.

Little did I know; my memory was adrift too.

And I floated back to where I began.


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