Age is a funny thing.

For some I’m young,

I’ve a long way to go.

Things to do, places to see.

A whole life to live.

For some I’m old,

Having seen the world,

Learnt lessons,

Made mistakes.

But it’s the mistakes that never stop,

No matter what the age.

My life is riddled with mistakes.

Ones that hurt others,

And ones that hurt me.

Regardless of the mistake,

Each one was big,

With an impression that was lasting.

There are people I must apologize to,

Situations that I must apologize for,

And there is forgiveness that eludes me.

Yet, mistakes happen every so often.

Little things I do and don’t,

Things I’ve said and haven’t,

Feelings that I’ve let out and suppressed.

I apologize every day,

To people and myself,

But the road is yet to be crossed,

The apology has to be accepted.

And here I am starting every day

With mistakes in the past,

And the ones waiting to happen.

There’s plenty of remorse,

And no respite,

But that’s the thing about mistakes.

They happen, despite you.

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