Debut Novel – Tales Of Her

When I first started this blog, I never ever thought, even in my wildest dreams that I would one day do a blog post about my own debut book. I’ve visited many of your blogs and it has only inspired me to continue writing.

While writing a book has always been a secret dream, I was too afraid to even admit openly because I didn’t want to become a ‘talker’. So, today I am indeed proud of having crossed the bridge.

Today, I’m happy and proud to present to you my debut book, ‘Tales of Her’. It is a collection of short stories (fiction). These 10 stories have 10 women who battles their inner desires, wavering faith, all in the hunt for an elusive state of utopia. These compelling stories also cross over the thin line between reality and a dream-like state with much ease.

An indie-published effort, the book is available online here:

If you’re uncertain of investing your time in it, this review should help:

This blog is where my public journey of writing stories began. So, sharing it with fellow bloggers and readers is of prime importance to me.

Honest feedback, as always, is most welcome!




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