Welcome Home – Part II

It was in the second week post Annika’s yes to Jay’s proposal that Jay gave her another big surprise. Guiding a blindfolded Annika through a lift and up a few stairs, Jay came to a sudden stop. Annika had by now run out of guesses.

Is it a bachelorette party?

Is it a pre-wedding gift?

Have you booked a trip for us?

Is it a couple’s massage?

Have you booked the entire jewellery store so I can pick another ring?

Did you fly down my mum from Singapore?

Are our friends doing a strip tease for me?

She had made several guesses, half of which Jay stayed silent through. He wouldn’t want her to stop guessing and she was getting a little mad at him for showing no reaction whatsoever. In fact, Jay knew he was testing Annika’s patience. If this surprise didn’t live up to her expectations, she was fully capable of storming out there with little to no reaction. So, when they finally came to a stop, Jay didn’t waste any time in undoing her blindfold. Annika adjusted her eyesight to the slightly dark atmosphere. It was just a closed door. She clearly was irritated. But all of it was gone the moment she laid her eyes on a wooden nameplate right next to the door. It said in a beautiful cursive style – Annika & Jay. Suddenly, it hit her. This was a house. It wasn’t just any house, it was their house. Annika and Jay’s own home. Desperately blinking to hold back her tears from exploding out of her eyes, Annika looked at Jay as if to ask him, is this for real. Jay smiled and said, ‘Welcome home baby’. Annika couldn’t hold it anymore, she hugged Jay and he lifted her off the ground. This was the happiest moment of their life. But not everyone was so happy. Someone somewhere whispered back, welcome home.

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