The writers and the poets, Write of mystery and pain. Drowning their love in alcohol, Leaving behind nasty stains.   The dreamers and the magicians, Cast a spell on every day. Throwing light on shadows of doubt, Only driving out the dark, if they may.   The lovers and the love-lorn, Preach and tug on […]

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War Torn

  She drew the curtains to make it dark, She knew no light could bring her hope. She closed the doors to shut out the sounds, Whoever was afraid of the dark, never knew her.   Twists of fate or the sudden surprises of life, Everything paled in front of her staccato mind. A series of […]

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Forlorn and scattered cigarette butts, Empty glasses with traces of rum, Wait in anticipation or just inspiration. But the end is near, for his empty home.   An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, He heard them say a couple of times. But the devil’s got a muse, And he lived to fight it with […]

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The Lost Cause

Small boxes, housing smaller lives; Crawled their way back from all sides. Jumping moments and skipping beats, They’d hurry back home, their only retreat.   Naked bodies, dancing through the sheets, Empty minds rushing for a momentary release. ‘Making love’, they’d call it. Knowing that’s the closest they’d get to the real deal.   Too […]

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  What is this hurry to conquer? To climb all the mountains, And to dive in the deep seas, To check everything off a list of dreams?   What is the need to conquer? The lovelorn heavy hearts, And broken wings of mid-air fights, The egos and tempers of people you don’t even like?   […]

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It’s A Man’s World

He closed his eyes to the truth around, And braced himself for the piercing sound. His screaming soul and aching mind, His helplessness taking over his pride.   Each day he brings his mind to a new task, But on failing he reaches his last resort. Drinking over the sadness and melancholy, Drowning the sounds […]

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