Sometimes the toughest thing to do is carry on. You don’t need to have the weight of the world on your shoulders to feel this way. It can just be that your legs refuse to take a step. It’s the worst feeling knowing that there is nothing stopping you from moving forward, yet you can’t […]

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She comes into the art gallery every day, almost like clockwork. Moving slowly from one painting to another, she studies each one with utmost interest and intrigue. No one knew who she was, she wasn’t known amongst the art circuit. Yet she seemed to fit in this room full of art work. Sometimes she’d look […]

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Forget It

Ever heard what the society is telling you? What the world is slowly whispering into your ears when you sleep? Forget it. The media that shows you the truth but is selling the lie? Forget it. The countries that are at war but talk about peace? Forget it. The children that die every day but […]

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The writers and the poets, Write of mystery and pain. Drowning their love in alcohol, Leaving behind nasty stains.   The dreamers and the magicians, Cast a spell on every day. Throwing light on shadows of doubt, Only driving out the dark, if they may.   The lovers and the love-lorn, Preach and tug on […]

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War Torn

  She drew the curtains to make it dark, She knew no light could bring her hope. She closed the doors to shut out the sounds, Whoever was afraid of the dark, never knew her.   Twists of fate or the sudden surprises of life, Everything paled in front of her staccato mind. A series of […]

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The Anxious Ones

To Whomsoever It May Concern, Hi there! How are you doing today? Wait, don’t answer that. I should know better than to ask that question. First let me introduce myself. I’m a 26-year-old girl, who has recently quit her job and has just returned from an exciting trip abroad. I have few great friends, a […]

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Forlorn and scattered cigarette butts, Empty glasses with traces of rum, Wait in anticipation or just inspiration. But the end is near, for his empty home.   An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, He heard them say a couple of times. But the devil’s got a muse, And he lived to fight it with […]

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